Cambridge Family Law Practice

Cambridge Family Law Practice, responsive website

WORK: responsive WordPress website and logo modification. 

This company offered to us the opportunity to work on their corporate image by amending their existing logo, rebuilding a brand new website to the website and work on some pieces of advertisements, signs and stationery.


Cambridge Family Law Practice is a well known and respected firm which offers a wide range of options for resolving family law issues.


Among other small requirements, the main goal was to provide CFLP with a brand new website which can convey a clear message reflecting the company’s values and mission whilst presenting an modern look and a easy to navigate structure.


A website designed on a WordPress CMS. On the homepage we have created 4 boxes which offer easy and clear navigation and a quick understanding of the key messages of the company. The big photo on the top wants to reflect the Cambridge identity that the firm has. The website is responsive which means that is fully functional when accessed from mobile phones and tablets.

We have also added to the branding, a dark gray background, to replace the before white background which used to be used for all collaterals.