BIQ Intelligent Business

WORK: branding, WordPress website, illustrations, tailored communication.


BiQ Partners is a successful Consulting and Training firm which works with medium sized companies to fine-tune their teams performance through highly advanced communication, sales and executive coaching training.


A website and a corporate identity that can convey the dynamic and proactive nature of BiQ Partners. The company did not have a logo and the whole company image had to be consistent with their objectives, values and mission.


The logo is a symmetrical shape that include the ‘b’ of business in white and ‘iq’ in purple. the ‘i’ has two dots so to allow the logo to be turned to 180° without losing meaning. We have created characters representing business people who, as part of a company, face everyday challenges and are victims of their manager’s frustration and stress. We pointed out the problems in a ironic way offering the solution.