My brand new Mike shoes

Today all children can afford to buy shiny brand new Nike shoes but when I was child, in my little provincial town in Italy, have a pair of Nike meant status, very high status.

One day I remember a schoolmate came at school with one of those, in silence I admired and envied him until I realised that the name in the logo was not Nike but Mike!

At the time I was not accustomed with the concept of counterfeit, but something strange, something really wrong was for sure going on.

Of course with time I understood that many kind of imitation and fake products were available on the market, this particular one was not even an imitation because the name was actually different. Even the swirl was a bit different but, at first glance, I can tell you, was difficult to see the difference. At second observation you see the M instead of the N and after you see that the curve of the swirl was different.

How can it be? How could a child see that the swirl was different?

Because the Nike logo is studied in all his application and used consistently in each products, packaging, advertisement, brochure they do. So, even when a child see it can recognise it.

We know how a proper well designed logo is important for a company, or we should now. But it is as well important to use the logo correctly.

The designer is suppose to give the client a manual, or at least instructions of how to use it, and the client is suppose to follow the guidelines. This is because ask a designer to design a logo cost money while buy a logo on a stock image website is cheap.

What surprise me is companies who spend a lot of money for a proper designed logo and don’t use it properly. They change the colours with similar one but different. They stretches it changing the proportions. They put it inside small white box on a black background. A client of mine did all of this after I gave him an entire illustrated manual explaining what not to do with the logo. He also asked me to not show it in my portfolio, so I had to remove the logo from my website, the only place where it was showed in the best perfect way.

I understand that because my job my eye is particularly picky, but when I was child all my layers of educations and experience were to be build yet. Although I was able, with many friend of mine, to recognise the fake Nike

This is my advice for your company: don’t create a fake of yourself!


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