Graphic and Web Design: the case against DIY

It’s a fact that there is a great abundance of free website templates and graphic design tools that, according to their promoters, will allow anyone to design a new logo, advertisement or website for very little money.  Unfortunately many people assume that having the tools will enable anyone to design an outstanding piece of artwork.  Even if we can all use a pair of scissors, we choose to have a haircut done in a shop where we can trust the professional result as opposed to a disaster hair style that we have to hide under a hat for the next month!

In a similar way to which I will not be the next Michelangelo if you give me a block of marble, chisel and hammer, you should think carefully before deciding to design in house your company’s image.

Unless you are a trained and experienced designer, chances are you’ll deliver a work that, although apparently decent, will probably lack of essential key elements that will allow your company’s image to stand out from the competition.  If you are serious about improving your presence online and make your website work for you, then seek a specialised designer who can create and deliver a website that produces real results for you.

I recently attended an outstanding seminar organised by Barclays Bank with Robert Craven (please follow link: and follow him on Twitter:!/Robert_Craven).  Robert himself, one of the most successful consultants and entrepreneurs in the UK, deterred us all from DIY solutions to business issues: design professionals invest years perfecting their craft, why would you do something you’re not specialised in hoping to obtain the same result?

I would like you to imagine the perfect website for your business:

  • a website that is easily found by search engines (and not only when people search for your name or your company name;  people search for services or products and thus your website should appear when people search for the services or products you offer)
  • a website with a professional design that reflects your business’ culture and ethos
  • a website that works for you and that serves the purpose for which you decided to build it in the first place
  • and finally a website that is delivered to you wrapped up and complete with troubleshooting solutions available if anything goes wrong

How would you feel if you could outsource your website to a professional that can deliver exactly what your business needs? Somebody that understands design, marketing, communication and can help you deliver the message that will really attract the customers you want to work with?

That would be great, wouldn’t it?

I don’t know about you, but as a consumer, I allow about 20 seconds for  a website to grab my attention. If the design is amateurish I swiftly go back to the search engine to find something with a professional look;  your website is probably the first thing that your prospects or clients will see about you, make sure you portray your professional ethos instead of a DIY landing page.

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