Branding & image

A corporate image refers to how your company (small or large) is perceived by the public, a generally accepted image of what your company stands for; its values, beliefs and other important factors and traits.

We believe that it is vital for any company to create the best possible corporate image especially considering that it often does not cost extra to do so. On the contrary, we have worked with numerous clients who, after having gone for an “off-the-shelf” economic solution, which unsurprisingly turned out to be ineffective and unsuitable, had to start from the beginning and reinvest time, effort and capital. In the majority of cases, companies which do the right thing from the start, save time, money and achieve their corporate marketing goals much sooner and more easily.

There are several elements within Branding and Corporate image, the most important ones include:


Your logo represents your company, its values and its identity; it is your company in one symbol. This symbol is important and will be remembered by existing, new and potential clients. Graph-iQ are here to help you leave good memories.

Company identity design

Your company, whether that’s large or small, deserves to have its own distinctive image, its own identity and style by which people can recognise it and relate to it. Graph-iQ can help you create an identity which reflects your company’s mission, culture and ideas.


Professionalism, care and attention to details are often shown by the consistency of your stationary. Business cards, compliment slips, headed paper and anything that might be used to communicate with your clients must reflect your company’s image and corporate identity. Graph-iQ are always keen to help you achieve that consistency which can help your company  look as professional as it deserves to.


Tell your story, show your strengths, illustrate your work and convey your message with a professional product/service brochure. A brochure is not only a clutter of pages filled with your company’s stats. It is rather an elegant composition of facts, elements and images which captivate your clients and is compelling to the eye. Graph-iQ can help you achieve great results, communicate efficiently and promote your company with elegance and taste.


Putting your name accompanied by the right message on the right item for the right market. Graph-iQ can help you asses whether your name can be “worn”, “drunk from”, “written with” or maybe “played with” and generate more awareness or business doing so. The tools might vary but the goal will always be the same: be remembered… for the right reasons.


A professional sign which is noticeable, admirable and recognizable is an important enabling factor which can help your clients remember the visit at your offices as a pleasant experience. Graph-iQ can help you choose the format, size, material, type and position of the perfect signage. We’ll design it, get it printed, delivered and installed.